lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Respect the environment- UWC values

The Lights are ON.

And so are the fans, and the stereo and the fairy lights, but no one is in there. I walk into the empty room and turned them off. ‘They must have forgotten to do it’ I say to myself.

I understand that sometimes we just forget to turn off the lights of the shower, courtyard, common room or A11; It can happen to anyone, no? We all live very intense and busy lives with no time… so, it´s completely understandable.

However, I must say that being environmentally responsible doesn´t take much time. I believe (Although psych HL students should confirm), that the time required to remember the way from the AQ to the gym is much longer as compared to the time and effort needed to turn off the lights: ‘click’. Even so, the lights are never off.

At this point of the article I feel that I should ask you, my dear reader, whether you consider you are environmentally friendly. Our community, Mahindra UWC, is always boasting about its ecofriendliness. However, it is funny how we generally don´t care about leaking taps, running fans and switched on lights.

We have to remember that living in a biodiversity reserve and sharing UWC value about not harming the environment we are obliged to take care of the smallest details. Of course, it is easier to join organic farm or EPA to appear ecofriendly. Nevertheless, it is harder to actually change your lifestyle. Why can´t we have sign-ups for switching off lights? Do we really need to formalize everything? We always claim to be adult, why can´t we behave as ones?

The answer is quite obvious, the responsibility always lies on the community not on the individual. We can always say someone will come after me to the classroom and finally switch off the lights. As soon as we all understand and accept our individual responsibility for taking care of the environment only then, we can claim to be agents of change.

You have to remember that even though it is tongue in cheek article I am begging everyone including myself to become more aware and actually start changing your lifestyle. Is not that hard to turn the switch of the light or fan. It requires only a little bit of thinking.

Maite and Bartek

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