jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

being a first year, again

In less than one week I have been to Bombay twice; more than 13 hours by jeep although, not a single minute was boring. In fact, during my multiple trips I had so many thoughts and feelings that kept my mind busy.

While coming back to campus the last time, right after having picked up my first years, I was so amazed. And so were they. New streets, roads, drivers and green landscapes for them.

For me, even though it wasn’t my first time, it was also really special.

Because I was “rediscovering” those roads. And the most interesting part is that I could even remember how I felt in that trip, (already) a year ago. I saw myself in that moment of excitement, tiredness, confusion but happiness and I compared it with the second year Maite that is writing now this article.

When we arrived to MUWCI that feeling increased even more. 100 unknown names to remember, unseen corners, new roommates. I was as lost as my first day in muwci, except that this time I could speak the language…

I suddenly felt I was like a first year again but being conscious of all what I have learnt here, and realizing of all what I still need to learn and discover this year in MUWCI.

I hope, that if you are a first year you enjoy everything happening around and you continue this adventure.

On the other hand, if you are now a second year I hope you can be able to look one year back and smile.

Text escrit per al periodic del cole!

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